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sO sCaNdaLouS!

so this weekend was great. let`s recap!

[friday] i got out of work about 10ish. went home and got ready to go to a shindig at this tyler`s hizzy(a kid from workk.) it was fun. drank some beers. and talked to people i haven`t seen in forever. which was WILD. i got a call from lockhart at like 1. he was nice and wasted. silly boy. stayed at tyler`s till 2ish. peaced to my APT. got down on some food and then passed out.

[saturday] i slept till like 1145. which is crazy for me because normally when i`m drunk i cannot sleep for the life of me. i got up and did things i needed to do (aka laundry, dishes, workk stuff.) then i showered and passed out from like 1 till 245. got up and got ready for work. peaced to work at 4. work was so much fun. i did pretty good. so yay! i got out of work at like 11. called shawna and she told me to meet her at josh`s. went to josh`s, ate pizza and went to the cemetary. shawna, josh and i talked while visiting MY DADDY! talked about how weird it is to think what we were doing exactly seventeen years ago. or like the day before it happened, how that was never on our minds. then we talked about the night lauren and i were there. and how it happened. dropped shawna and josh off at at josh`s and went to get beer from danny`s. met up with shawna and josh at the APT to get ready for dann`s. left our house at like 12ish. my odds were not so good at dann`s being that a couple of my ex`s were there. lol. made me laugh. i talked to john for awhile, straightened everything out. we`re friends now. after an hour we peaced home and i passed out.

[sunday] i for some reason slept till like 12. got up and went to walgreen`s to my Rx. then came home and waited for shawnie to get home. when she got home we went to ab`s and got kinsey. went to panera bread and then to super target. i got some new panties from ST and then bought things for the APT(laundry detergent, dryer sheets, body wash, shaving cream.) came home and took a nap. shawnie left at some point. woke up at like 730. started laundry. hung out with lr and danny. switched my laundry. georgia friggin stuble called me. went to get gas with her and to her parents for a sec. then drove for awhile. i got home around 10 and folded laundry and watched some tv. i had a snack. now i`m getting ready to fold more laundry and iron. then i`m probably passing out.

i have to work tomorrow morning. that will be different. then i`m going to DQ with georgie porgie. then probably dinner with lr. i think i`m spending tuesday with leraine. then work wednesday and DQ for a bsplit of course. thursday i`m hanging out with aliesha lynne. FINALLY!! and i work friday and saturday. BUT IT`S GEORGIA FRIGGIN STUBLE`S BiiRTHDAY WEEKEND. so i`m def getting crunkity crunk! (:
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