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i have not written in a bajillion years. it is hard to keep up with this with working all the time. i do not spend much time on the computer anymore. i`m either working, sleeping or out with georgia. i get on when i get up, before work and before i go to bed. but not long enough to update my journal. anyways, everything is going wonderfully amazing. life is in it`s place. yay. there is no time for silly drama. and not even time for a boy. not that i mind any of that. i`m actually happy. i`m making good money at work, and will actually be able to pay off my bills. (: i changed my phone number yesterday, and only my close friends and family will have my number now. it will take a lot for people to get my number. i just hated all the prank calls and thinking that stupid boys were going to call. so, it`s now all solved. i recently found out my cousin has started a car club, and to my surprise i know so many people in it. it makes me laugh. i found out billy, paul wall, ryan jenkins, ben and coby will be in it. it`s funny that my cousin hangs out with people i either am friends with or was once friends with. i guess i was a GREAT topic of conversation at the last meeting. my cousin was like, "the one thing i have, and all i get to hear about is my little cousin." i just laughed. i was def glad i changed my number after i heard that. anyways, i need to shower and do stuff before work. much love.♥
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