Blonde Ambition (bl0ndeambition) wrote,
Blonde Ambition

But I can`t let ya go...

so.. it had been two weeks. but we made up for it today. i love when he comes to see me. it puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. today i just laid in my bed and he laid on my floor and we talked for hours. we def tried to make each other mad, to pick a silly fight and then laugh at each other. no one makes me feel like i do when he looks into my eyes or when he kisses me. and oh boy can he snoogle [= i just loved closing my eyes and being right between his arms. it just sucks because we both know it can`t last forever.. and eventually he has to leave. but i can`t wait till the next time i see him. [= ahhhh.. my elephant is the best. ♥
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