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"Shut your damn mouth!"

Life has been joking me lately. But when isn`t it. Anyways. After I updated Monday, I really didn`t sleep. I took a shower and laid on the couch till Neens got here. Then we looked at the ybook. At like 445 we peaced to Outback to have dinner with her Padre and brother. It was yummy. Neens and I both picked up applications. Oh the fun. Then we went to Walmart. After Walmart, Neens peaced and I just hung out at the house. I fell asleep till like 815. Then Shawnie and I decided to get the mail. We walked all the way there. And on the way back I had mentioned something about John as we were passing his Apt. Shawna was like "let`s knock on the door." So, we did and I was like "I wanted to show Shawna your dirty Apt." So, we hung out there for a bit. Shawnie needed to go home to do homewrk and John said I had to come back to clean. Well, onthe walk home, we saw Jesse. And he came and visited for a bit, then him and I peaced back to John`s. When I got back there, John and his roomate, Chris, were already moving furniture. I was like cracking up. Chris and I were on the same level because we knew exactly how we wanted the furniture. lol. After that, John did dishes and I picked a bunch of crap up. The Apt looks a little bit better. Then we all just hung out till watching Tv and movies. It was wayyy fun. I LOVE THOSE KIDS!! Jesse peaced at like 3 and Chris was already sleeping. I just hung out with John. I like completely passed out on the couch and I guess John went to bed. I woke up at like 7 and went home to sleep before getting up for school. Got up at 9 and went to class to take my final. I think I did good. Came home and laid down to take a nap. John called. He thought I called him but it was from the night before. And we just chatted about stuff. The he told me "fuck you for not really calling me." And I peaced back to my nap. Got up for work and felt yucky. Worked with Kaleyyy. It was fun. Then after work we went to PJs for pizza. Talked to John about his plans and my plans. After Pizza, I had a mission with Shawnie. Came home talked to John again told him I was drinking and watching Tv. He was supposed to call me back.. NEVER DID. JERK!!! But whatever. Passed out at like 1230 after watching some of Tristan and Isolde. Got up at like 945 this am because Neens txtd me. Talked to Kaley, she was supposed to come here but her madre peaced on taking her car keys. So, I went there and we laid out for like 25 minutes but it was WAAAAY hot. So, we peaced to Chick-Fil-A. Had lunch. Fake ignored people. Didn`t work. LUCKKY me. Took Kaleyy home. Now I`m just sitting here. Waiting for something to happen. Idk.. maybe I`m stupid about certain things. But I`m disappointed all in the same. Tonight is Pina Colada`s at the Apt because my sister passed her Nursing Finals!! YAYYYY! I am so proud of her. So getting drunk tonight is a must. Much love to all <3xoxo
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