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i just wanna BREAK YOU DOWN so badly.. i n t h e w o r s e w a y.

I don`t know why I find myself writing in this again. But I do. I guess while workking it`s a great release. And I feel like writing, because i`m not at all right now. And that`s just a waste to me. Anyways, I`m on like day four at work. And I`m in love with my job. It`s the best place ever. So, fG can SUCK IT! Anyyyways, tonight I started server training. And everyone, once again, said I kicked ass (: Yay! But I did find out that my cutie at work is taken ): But whatever.. like I can`t change that. Right, Nina?! (; OH MY! Anyyyways. I`m working the next four days in a row. I should be making some moneys!! Which makes me happy. Other than that nothing big has happened. School starts in about a mth. I think this semester will be nice and easy. Def fun because I have Joel in one of my classes (: Well, my head, feet and tummy hurt, so I`m off to bed. GoOdniGht*
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