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i hate that just when i think i got it all figured out in my life, i go and screw everything up all over again. i hate how stupid us girls make each other look. the names we give ourselves. we continuously go back to the guys that treat us terribly and break our hearts. the ones who talk so badly about us infront of everyone else, only to recant every word when you`re alone with them. the guys that aren`t worth our time. and why? because we care a little too much for a little too long. and each and everytime we get hurt. these guys use us for sex, for money or just to do them favors. and we know this each time. then why do we go back. because a couple of lines and kiss on the lips? seriously, are we that dumb. and i`m speaking for everyone, because at some point and time we`ve all done it. i mean, we all know there are those guys that would treat us like gold. do anything we ever asked, but we always keep them as just friends or even worse, we ignore them. because they get on our nerves. we pass up opportunities to be treated the way we should, for scumbags that don`t know how to treat people. it sickens me. but i do this time and time again. guy after guy. why am i so stupid? and where the heck is prince charming. i like how i can write this now, but when "he" (whomever "he" might be) calls, i`ll answer and i`ll fall for it all over again. maybe i should just print this out and put it on both sides of my bedroom door, on my steering wheel, in the shower, and on my phone so i can read it over and over, and realize, "damn! don`t be stupid today." well, i`m done rambling. i`m sorry, i`m really angry. this is just so stupid!
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